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We have carried out more than 1000 Contracts within the period of 38 years. Our Engineering team in Partnership with Doric Resources Nigerian Limited has been able to carry out numerous civil engineering jobs such as Construction of Roads, bridges and culverts (in both rough and asphalt taring), Building of fueling stations and cabins both on cast and precast.
Some of our satisfied Clients include among others University of Jos, National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studied (NIPSS), Federal Ministry of Internal affairs, and National Electric Power Authority (NEPA) among others too Numerous to mention.
Our team of experts in partnership with Harmacoloyd Nigerian Limited has been able to also carry out Structural and Fabrication Jobs, Equipment Maintenance and repairs, industrial tools and fertility installations, Sludge tank and heat exchanger maintenance, pipeline welding, and pump station services.
At our disposal we have automobiles, trucks, excavators, bulldozers, graders, cranes, tar boilers, compressors, low loaders industrial pumps, and concrete mixers among others. With these, we provide rental services. We are also able to carry out transportation and haulage of different merchandise such as P.M.S, Quarry and Asphalt Products, Building Materials, industrial equipments and agricultural products among others.

Due to our wide range of services and extensive market knowledge, we provide complete facility management services incorporating all trades. These services include Renovation Maintenance, Cleaning and Fumigation ( In Partnership with “Dustitup Nigeria LTD”).


Since Inception we have collectively been creating a strategic supply chain and distribution platform as we continually seek improvement.
It is interesting that we started very well in distributing the products of Nigerian Bag Manufacturing PLC BAGCO in Five ( 5 ) States in northern Nigeria Plateau and Bauchi Inclusive. Once you see what the finish line is supposed to look like, we are able to use information gathered from our various systems to monitor, analyze and adjust processes accordingly thereby bringing about success in all our endeavors.
This is why all our clients and partners are always satisfied with our service delivery.


We work and partner with manufacturing facilities as it is inevitable to have an innate passion to satisfy human needs and not be interested in the innovation of goods that are to be produced, quality of goods that is produced and how it gets to the masses at its best price.
As we seek to meet up with the daily need of an average Nigerian, we pursue the highest level of technological advancement so that we can deliver the best goods and services to our clients and on time. Just As our slogan goes, we have a “State of the art state of mind”.
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